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Making Tracks towards health equity with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples

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Following the passing of the Health Legislation Amendment Act 2020 (the Act) in August 2020, amendments were made to the Hospital and Health Boards Act 2011 requiring Hospital and Health Services (HHSs) to develop and implement Health Equity Strategies.

A subsequent piece of legislation, the Hospital and Health Boards (Health Equity Strategies) Amendment Regulation 2021 (the Regulation) is due to be considered by the Executive Council (Cabinet) soon. According to the Act, the Regulation will define who must be involved in the development and implementation of a Health Equity Strategy (prescribed persons), and the way in which they must be consulted.

Over the coming months, Queensland Health, in partnership with QAIHC, will be hosting several consultation workshops on health equity design principles. The aim of these workshops will be to understand the types of support required for Health Equity Strategies (HES) to be successful. The vision is that HHSs will co-design, co-own and co-implement HESs with their local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Controlled Health Organisation (ATISCCHO) and other partners. What the journey looks like in practice will be influenced by these consultations and the legal requirements that will be outlined in the Regulation.

To understand the cause and effect of these changes, QAIHC and Queensland Health have co-designed the following documents for the consultation workshops and seek your feedback about the principles put forward.

Health Equity Discussion Paper

Health Equity Discussion Paper Summary

Fact sheet 1:  The journey so far… building on our foundations in the past and now  

Fact sheet 2: Embedding health equity into local health systems… placing First Nations peoples and voices at the centre of healthcare service delivery

Fact sheet 3:  Driving health equity across the health system and addressing the social and cultural determinants of health… future reforms

We encourage you to submit feedback regarding this discussion paper. All feedback is due by 4 June 2021. Click submit your feedback here to get started. 

Watch our 'What is Health Equity?' video series below: