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Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council
Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council

Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council (QAIHC) empowers members through governance training

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QAIHC recognises that key challenges of organisations based in remote locations is access to training programs and up to date information on issues affecting board and management.

For this reason, QAIHC arranged for several Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD) courses to be undertaken by its members at its Brisbane office.

Fifteen member organisations participated in the first Foundations of Director course, including Goolburri Health Advancement Aboriginal Corporation and the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation.

Those attending included CEOs and board directors, several of whom have gone on to participate in the full AICD Company Directors Course.

QAIHC CEO, Matthew Cooke expressed a desire for the participating members to undertake the standard AICD course, rather than the more focused Indigenous program.

“Our directors must be able to sit at the table alongside any director of any board in this country,” Mr Cooke said.

“It is important that they have undergone the same training and have the same competencies to legitimately take their place as directors and leaders of boards and corporations.”

In the case of the Foundations of Directors Course, the fact that the facilitator had good knowledge of some of the challenges facing Aboriginal entities contributed to the positive response.

“Our members found the course very empowering,” Mr Cooke said. “As a result of the learnings they took from the course, they now have a broader understanding of their legal obligations and an extended knowledge of the more complex issues surrounding compliance and risk.”

Members also benefitted from a shared understanding of the roles of the board and the executive and the requirements for operating in a corporate environment.

QAIHC is aiming to facilitate governance training for all directors of member organisations based on the positive feedback from those who have already undergone training.

Mr Cooke is also aware of the need for follow-up including the practical application of the knowledge gained through the course.

QAICH is currently developing governance tools and templates which can be shared with its members. Further down the track, Mr Cooke can see the need for repeat training to bring members up to speed on changes in legislation and other governance-related matters.

Queensland businesses wanting to enquire about the range of tailored AICD governance programs can contact Laura Vascon on (07) 3222 5514. The Australian Institute of Company Directors can be contacted by phoning (02) 8248 6600.