Regional Development

QAIHC recognise that to ensure the quality and sustainability of the Community Controlled Health Sector in Queensland, it must provide support in key strategic areas that are equitable, high quality and responsive to members’ needs.

The QAIHC Board of Directors has identified the QAIHC Regionalisation Strategy as a key strategy to increase Aboriginaland Torres Strait Islander people’s access to comprehensive primary health care.

This led to the establishment of the QAIHC Regional Development Team, which is now a key component to support the implementation of the QAIHC Regionalisation Strategy. Regional Coordinators liaise with support members through their engagement in QAIHC programs, and also representing and negotiating member requirements within QAIHC.

Since establishment, the Regional Development team has contributed to a number of local, regional and state-wide initiatives including:

  • Supporting members’ organisations in the Transition to Community Control (Pathways to Community Control);
  • Assisting member organisations with specific requests regarding service planning, development and delivery.
  • Supporting the development and implementation of other key QAIHC policy initiatives.

The Regional Development Team will continue to play a key role in developing and sustaining relationships with members, to ensure members are engaged in developing regionally focused health planning and service development initiatives.

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