Primary Prevention

In 2009 and 2010, the following programs were undertaken in primary prevention of health issues.


Workplace Policy and Time to Quit (TTQ)

The tobacco coordinator is working with all member services to;

  • introduce tobacco policies for their organisations including the implementation of smoke free campuses at each health service.
  • support the TTQ tobacco cessation program

Tackling Smoking and Healthy Lifestyle Workforce

A new Tobacco workforce is being rolled out across Queensland as part of the COAG Tackling Indigenous smoking initiative. QAIHC’s role in this initiative is to network these Regional Tobacco workers, Tobacco Action Workers and Healthy Lifestyle Workers; coordinating activity and linking these workers to work being undertaken by other NGOs such as Quitline.

These positions are located in Nhulundu (Central Queensland), Wuchopperen (Far North Queensland), GP links (Sunshine Coast) and the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health (South East Queensland).

The Tackling Smoking Workforce will implement a range of community-based smoking prevention and cessation support activities tailored to local Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, headed by National Coordinator Mr Tom Calma.


Good Quick Tukka: Cook it , Plate it, Share it Project

The Good Quick Tukka project was piloted in 2009 with the objectives of developing and increasing cooking skills. Around six health services have run the project in their community. Informal evaluation results have seen an increase in cooking skills and participants report eating a wider variety of foods. The focus for 2010-11 will be to encourage participants to pass on the recipes and the cooking skills learnt, to family and friends. We would like to expand and work with other health services running nutrition promotion programs which are unique and making a difference in their community. A Good Quick Tukka manual is currently being developed and can be used by all services who would like to implement the program.

Workplace Support

A 5 day introduction course to Health Promotion continues to be offered by the Preventative Health team, in conjunction with Queensland Health, QATISCHET and the Queensland University of Technology. Staff from our Member Services are encouraged to attend to increase their knowledge and skills on how to plan, implement and evaluate effective health promotion initiatives.

The Queensland Nutrition Promotion Network was established by QAIHC in 2009 for the purpose of providing professional support, development and advocacy network for nutrition staff working within Community Controlled Health Services. One of the main benefits of this network has been (and continues to be) sharing ideas on what works in each community and having a sounding board for people working in nutrition promotion. A Terms of Reference has been created and is available for those interested in being part of this network. A Physical Activity Network has also been created to increase physical activity opportunities and access to places and spaces that allow greater improvements to the physical activity of the Indigenous population.

Workplace Policies

From the workplace polices developed in 2008-09, the unit has continued to support the implementation of guidelines to support healthy eating. In partnership with Queensland University of Technology (QUT), Catering Guidelines have been drafted for use at QAIHC and community controlled health services. Modelling healthy food and drink choices within the workplace or at events, functions and meetings helps to create a supportive environment, which protects and promotes good health by making healthy choices the easier choices.

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