Work/Life Balance

People who work at QAIHC play a significant role in delivering services to their clients.

In return, it is important QAIHC ensure employees receive value from their relationship with QAIHC. A Work-Life Balance Program could offer a range of options, including a health and well-being program to cater for the different needs of staff during different phases of their lives. The Program would seek to help each employee to achieve the right balance between meeting QAIHC objectives and achieving personal goals.

During 2009-10 a health and fitness program was offered and flu injections were made available. Furthermore, through the formation of a QAIHC Travel Club, Flight Centre has offered all QAIHC staff the opportunity to take advantage of more cost-effective and supportive travel arrangements. It is planned in 2011 to provide an avenue for ideas by way of a “we value your opinion” survey to be completed each year. It is hoped further research will expand the range of activities and ventures that will benefit all QAIHC staff.

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