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The QAIHC Board is made up of a maximum of nine Directors: five Elected Directors, a Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson, and up to two Skills-Based Directors.

Elizabeth Adams »

CEO, Goolburri Aboriginal Health Advancement Company Ltd

Janice Burns »

Deputy Chairperson
Director, Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation for Health Services

Adrian Carson »

South East QLD Director
CEO, Institute for Urban and Indigenous Health (IUIH)

Kerry Crumblin »

South West QLD Director
CEO, Cunnamulla Aboriginal Corporation for Health

Justin Saunders »

Central QLD/Wide Bay Director
Chief Executive Officer, Central Queensland Regional Aboriginal and Islander Community Controlled Organisation (CQRAICCHO)

Dallas Leon »

North and North West Director
CEO, Mt Isa Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service, trading as Gidgee Healing

Rona Hart »

Far North QLD Director
Chairperson of Mamu Health Service


Skills-Based Director


Skills-based Director

The five Elected Directors represent the five QAIHC Regions, and each one is elected by the full Members in their region. Regional Members don’t participate in the election of Elected Directors.

The Chairperson and Deputy Chairperson are elected by all Full Members and all Regional Members.

The Skills-Based Directors are appointed by the other Directors and are selected based on the skills they can offer the company.  They must be independent of the company, the other Directors and the Members, and they must be independent of any organisation that provides funding or sponsorship to QAIHC.

All QAIHC Board members are ‘directors’ as defined in the Corporations Act 2001, and are subject to the same requirements as directors of any other Australian company under that Act.  They are responsible for acting in the best interests of the company as a whole, and operate within the framework of both the QAIHC Constitution and the QAIHC Charter of Corporate Governance which outlines the Board’s role, structure, duties and functions.

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